title fight results of ufc 205
Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 205

Liz Carmouche vs Kaitlyn Chookagian

The strength of Liz Carmouche may have been a little too much for Kaitlyn Chookagian, as she seemed to have dominated both the first and the second round. In the third round Kaitlyn did manage to make a little bit of a comeback, but towards the end of the fight she almost got knocked out from a beautiful right punch thrown by Carmouche. In the end Carmouche took the victory in a split decision.


Jim Miller vs Thiago Alves

Thiago Alves may be able to throw a strong punch, but Jim Miller won this match in a unanimous decision thanks to some well-timed takedowns and impressive skills on the mat. Miller also managed to get in some real hard kicks that were sure to help his victory as well.


Vicente Luque vs Belal Muhammad

In this Welterweight match, Vicente Luque knocked out Belal Muhammad in under a minute and 30 seconds by hitting him with a hard left hook to knock him down, followed by a few more punches while he was on the ground which led to a quick call by the referee.


Tim Boetch vs Rafael Natal

The Barbarian Tim Boetch claimed the 20th victory of his career tonight by knocking out Rafael Natal in the first round with a perfect right hand to the chin. He made sure to dedicate his win to his coach the Irish Hand Grenade (Marcus Davis).


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Michael Johnson

In the Lightweight division Michael Johnson used his bouncy fighting style to try to defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov, but Khabib was well prepared and made sure to take the fight to the ground. After 3 grueling rounds of grappling Johnson finally tapped out after being absolutely dominated on the ground game.

After the match was over Khabib also made sure to do his fair share of well-deserved bragging.


Frankie Edgar vs Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens may have crazy one punch knockout power, but the finesse of Frankie Edgar proved to be far too much. While Edgar may have won by unanimous decision, Stephens did land some impressive kicks and punches that could’ve easily turned around the match if he would have capitalized better on them.


Raquel Pennington vs Miesha Tate

For the first main fight of the night the pupil (Raquel Pennington) faced off against her old coach (Miesha Tate) in what was an extremely grueling match. Pennington was relentless with her jabs and punches and virtually dominated the whole fight. Even her wrestling and take down attempts were far too much for Miesha Tate, which led to her losing the fight in unanimous decision.


Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidman

This match between Yoel Romero and Chris Weidman may have started off a little slow, but it definitely ended in spectacular fashion. In the beginning of the third round Romero went to spear Weidman onto the ground but instead caught him with his knee and instantly knocked him out cold. Weidman was pretty beaten up and surely had to have been taken to the hospital after this one.


Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz

This was another brutal fight that really proved the tenacity of Karolina Kowalkiewicz. While she may have lost in unanimous decision to Joanna Jedrzejczyk, she at least gave it her all and really went out swinging hard. She almost even took the fight in the fourth round after hitting Joanna with a wild flurry of punches that hit her pretty hard in the nose, but Jedrzejczyk stood strong and continued fighting.


Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson

Even though Tryon Woodley may have hit Stephen Thompson with the bigger blows throughout the night, Thompson refused to give up and put in one hell of a fight. The wide stance karate fighting style of Thompson sure was entertaining to watch, but overall the big takedowns and combos from Woodley won him the match in a majority decision. The Chosen One is still the undisputed champion.


Connor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez

Tonight history was made as Connor McGregor is now the first UFC champion to hold two belts simultaneously at the same time. His opponent, Eddie Alvarez, just couldn’t seem to hold his own in the octagon and was knocked down to the ground 3 times in just the first round. During the second round McGregor hit him with a lethal combo that ended the fight by TKO.

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The funny part of it all is that they didn’t even have the other belt ready for when he won. I guess Alvarez thought the fight was surely going to be in his favor. Guess again.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 204

Leonardo Santos vs Adriano Martins

Both of these jiu jitsu fighters went at it in the first fight of the night, but unfortunately the fight consisted nothing more than a few leg kicks here and there. Santos may have won the match but overall the fight was pretty boring to watch.


Mike Perry vs Danny Roberts

While the first fight of the night might have been a little boring, the same couldn’t be said about this matchup between Mike Perry and Danny Roberts. Even though Perry might not have fought as tactically as Roberts, his sheer brute strength seemed to dwindle Danny down – eventually leading to the knockout from punches at 4:40 in the third round.


Marc Diakiese vs Lukasz Sajewski

During the first round of this fight Lukasz Sajewski seemed to have the upperhand against Mark Diakese, but Diakese fought smarter during the second round and ended the fight in a TKO from some pretty impressive knees and punches.


Leon Edwards vs Albert Tumenov

Albert Tumenov may have been winning this fight against Leon Edwards while they were fighting on their feet, but once the fight went to the ground Edwards just seemed to absolutely dominate. Edwards actually could’ve lost this fight when he abandoned the ground game in the second round, but fortunately he took Tumenov back down in the third round and got the submission at 3:01.


Damian Stasiak vs Davey Grant

This bantamweight fight consisted of a lot of good take downs from both opponents, and we even seen some hard kicks, knees and punches from Davey Grant as well. However, during the second round Damian Stasiak managed to get a grueling armbar on Grant that caused him to submit with barely more than a minute left in the third round.


Iuri Alcantara vs Brad Pickett

Iuri Alacantara hit Brad Pickett with a devastating spinning elbow early in the first round that led to a beautiful series of submission holds until Pickett was choked out by the triangle chokehold at 1:59 in the first round.


Mirsad Bektic vs Russell Doane

Mirsad Bektic was winning this fight in a spectacular fashion right from the start, taking Russell Doane down to the ground over and over until Bektic got the rear naked choke at 4:22 in the first round. We will be sure to see more interesting fights form Bektic in the future.


Stefan Struve vs Daniel Omielanczuk

Daniel Omielanczuk tried to capitalize on Stefan Struve not being the best fighter on his feet, but failed to do so as Struve kept taking the fight to the ground where he eventually got the submission from a D’Arce choke in the beginning of the second round.


Jimi Manuwa vs Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince Saint Preux may have been able to get a couple takedowns in the first round, but the punches and kicks from Jimi Manuwawa was far too much. Manuwa knocked St. Preux out with a dangerous left hook at 2:38 in the second round.


Gegard Mousasi vs Vitor Belfort

During the first round of the fight Gregard Mousasi appeared to be doing only slightly better than his opponent Vitor Belfort. However, once the second round went underway Mousasi went in with everything he had and hit Belfort with a nasty head kick and then followed through with some hard punches, a takedown, and then a flurry of even more punches to get the TKO at 2:43 in the second round.


Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson

While Michael Bisping may have been the current middleweight champion, the legend Dan Henderson was destined to do everything in his power to take it from him before his retirement after this fight. Unfortunately, even though Henderson landed a couple big knock outs during the first two rounds of the fight, Bisping managed to recover and started slowly tearing Henderson apart piece by piece. Bisping ended up winning this fight by unanimous decision.


Benefits of Training With a Rebounder for MMA Fighters

If you’re an avid lover of the sport of MMA, then you know all too well that injuries are prone to happen. You can easily kick someone the wrong way or roll your ankle while training and cause yourself to be injured for quite some time.

In order to avoid unnecessary injury we recommend that you train with a rebounder sometimes to alleviate some of the beating that your joints take day in and day out. Not only will your body feel better by training with a rebounder, but you’ll also receive a plethora of other benefits that will help you further your skills in MMA. We’ve compiled a list below of the best benefits an MMA athlete can receive by training with a rebounder.


Great for your joints

So why is jumping on a rebounder so great for your joints? Well, when performing activities such as running or jogging on a hard surface, you’re causing a lot of pressure to constantly be put onto your knees and other joints. Over time, this can lead to serious problems if you exercise on a continuous basis as MMA fighters do.

We found the best solution for this problem is to jump on a rebounder whenever it makes sense with your current training methods. You can easily perform exercises on a rebounder such as running in place, burpees and other high-intensity workouts.

If you manage to hurt your knees or have a weird pain in one of your joints or tendons, then a mini trampoline will surely benefit you greatly. We recommend you read reviews from a site such as this one to find the best rebounder to fit your needs.


Detoxifies the body

Jumping on a rebounder is one of the best ways to naturally detoxify your body – without the aid of food or supplements. The reason that jumping on a trampoline is so effective is due to the constant opening and closing of the lymphatic valves that occur while jumping up and down.

When the lymphatic valves open a clear fluid known as lymph is transported throughout your body. Even though your regular training will also aid the process of moving lymph throughout your body, it can’t help to rely on a rebounder to get the most amount of lymph flow possible. Doing so will greatly help to improve your immune system, as well as eliminate any unnecessary toxins in your body.

Since being sick is one of the worst things that can happen to an MMA fighter, you can begin to see why training with a rebounder is so helpful.


Increase your energy

When your lymphatic system is working correctly, your body should be eliminating as much toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc. as humanly possible. Not having all this unnecessary “garbage” in your body will definitely help to increase your energy levels throughout the day.

In MMA you can always use more energy, so if jumping on a trampoline increases your energy even the slightest bit, then it’s definitely worth it to a serious fighters.


Makes your bones stronger

Having week or brittle bones in martial arts is one of the quickest ways to lead to a serious injury. All it takes is kicking someone the wrong way or getting hit just right to have a bone in your leg snap, splint or fracture.

By jumping on a rebounder your bones will take on a comfortable level of stress that will force them to slowly build up their density over time. In fact, the act of jumping on a rebounder is what scientists over at NASA have determined to be the best way to build the bone density of astronauts returning from space. So if it works for astronauts, I’m sure it will work for you too.


Improved balance and coordination

While jumping on a trampoline your body is having to constantly respond to changes in gravity, as well as be aware of the unstable surface you’re jumping on. Doing so forces you to improve your balance and coordination, which is merely the result of concentrating on multiple motor skills at once.

When fighting you definitely don’t want to find yourself off balance, making this benefit one of the best for those that are clumsy.


6 Ultimate Training Tips for a Beginner in MMA

Getting into MMA can often be a very daunting task, so to make it easier for you we have compiled a list the six ultimate training tips for beginner in MMA. By following these tips you will be sure to become a better fighter in no time, just make sure you actually follow the tips – instead of reading them once and never thinking about them again.

We also recommend you come back and read these tips often in order to ensure you’re on the right track to becoming a better fighter. If you fail to follow any of these tips you’ll surely be left behind when it comes to the world of MMA.

Now, we’re not trying to imply that everyone reading this guide is trying to become a professional fighter, but even if you’re not we still recommend you follow this guide. Not only will these tips help you to become a better fighter, but they will also aid you in terms of health as well. While becoming a better fighter is nice, it won’t help much if you’re constantly sick or injured.


Take things slow

You’ll often hear that it takes a ton of hard work to become a professional fighter, and while this is true, many newcomers will go far too hard in the beginning and wear themselves out. Instead, we recommend taking things slow at first and slowly ramping up the amount of work you put in over time. This will allow your body to slowly adapt to the increase in physical activity, instead of just crashing and causing you to lose interest in the sport MMA.


Find a training partner

While finding a training partner may not be the most important goal when just starting out as a fighter, you will need to eventually find one or else you will get left behind the competition. A good training partner is essential to every fighter, and anyone who ignores this tip will be sure to never make it as professional.

The reason why a training partner is so important is because they push you to a level that you can’t yourself. They also give you someone to constantly spar with, which is necessary in order to improve your skills. While throwing punches at the air front of you can be helpful at times, it’s not enough to prepare you for when you find yourself in an actual fight.


Clean up your diet

Many fighters may be able to put in the hard work while in the octagon, but once they leave everything else that is related to becoming a better fighter becomes completely ignored. The most important thing being their diet.

Being a fighter you’ll need to eat a lot more than the average person, as you expend a lot more energy throughout the day. However, we don’t recommend you refuel your body with something such as fast food, but instead we recommend you eat healthy proteins, carbs and fats so your body can heal itself appropriately.

By improving your diet you’ll quickly notice an increase in muscle mass and energy, both of which will greatly help you as a fighter. Eating lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water will go a long way to ensuring your health is as optimal was possible as well.


Learn proper technique

A lot of MMA fighters nowadays are starting off training in the privacy of their own home, and while this really isn’t a bad thing, it can lead to a few problems later down the way. One of the biggest problems training at home causes is that it limits your ability to learn the appropriate technique when it comes to fighting.

Sure, you can watch videos online and get a decent idea of what to do. But compared to going to an actual MMA gym, this type of training will leave you severely handicapped when you enter the ring.

Instead, you would be much better off to find a proper place to train such as your local MMA gym. If you can’t afford it then at least be sure to record yourself on video while training so can compare it to the style of other professional fighters.


Mimic the professionals

By recording yourself on video you can easily compare your fighting style to that of other professionals. Even if you do train at your local MMA gym, you can still use this technique of recording yourself to improve your fighting skills.

This also allow you to incorporate tactics from other fighters into your own, greatly increasing your range of skill. Just make sure to mimic tactics and fighting styles that benefit your own style of fighting.


Get enough sleep

The final tip of our guide may be the most simple, but it’s still extremely important to follow if you want to be the best fighter you can be. The final tip being that you need to make sure you get the appropriate amount of sleep each night in order for your body to properly recover for the next day.

Too many people begin their career as a fighter and go all out training as hard as they can each and every day. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it can be if your body and immune system can’t keep up due to an inadequate amount of sleep.

So train like a beast, eat like a beast and sleep like a beast – and you will become a beast in no time.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 203

Yancy Medeiros vs Sean Spencer

While this match may have started out slow, it sure picked up pace in the second round when Yancy Medeiros hit Sean Spencer with a left high kick. Medeiros then went in for the rear naked choke to get the submission at only 49 seconds in the second round.


Drew Dober vs Jason Gonzalez

This may have seemed to have been a somewhat long match, but that’s only because Jason Gonzalez got kicked in the goods by Drew Dober – resulting in a minute break during the match. When the match started again Gonzalez came out swinging hard, but was quickly hit by a flurry of punches that knocked him out at 1:45 in the first round.


Nik Lentz vs Michael McBride

Even though Nik Lentz may have been the more dominant foe in this fight, Michael McBride sure fought hard – even scoring some takedowns in the second round. Unfortunately, Lentz managed to gain control while on the ground and dropped massive blows onto McBride from above. The fight was called for a TKO at 4:17 during the second round.


Brad Tavares vs Caio Magalhaes

This was a close match between Brad Tavares and Caio Magalhaes, as both fighters pretty much went back and forth the whole night. Tavares mostly relied on his boxing, landing a few hard punches here and there, while Magalhaes threw more kicks and brought the fight to the ground for a guillotine choke. Brad Tavares was however declared the winner in a split decision victory.


Bethe Correia vs Jessica Eye

There’s no doubting that Jessica Eye put up a more entertaining fight, but Bethe Correia still took the split decision victory thanks to her calculated blows and defensive tactics. However, the Cleveland crowd wasn’t too happy about this call and booed her as she attempted to celebrate her victory.


Jessica Andrade vs Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood may have got a good elbow in at the beginning of the fight (which left Jessica Andrade bleeding above her eye and nose) but the strength of Andrade proved to be too much as she absolutely dominated the ground game – slamming Calderwood multiple times on her back and eventually getting the guillotine choke for the submission at 4:38 in the first round.


Jimmie Rivera vs Urijah Faber

While Urijah Faber is undoubtedly a legend in the octagon, it seems that he is no longer what he once was – losing this fight to Jimmie Rivera by unanimous decision. During the first round Faber didn’t actually do too badly, but after his leg was destroyed by that low leg kick from Rivera in the second round, the fight quickly went downhill from there.


Mickey Gall vs CM Punk

Like most WWE superstars, CM Punk’s time in the octagon didn’t last long as Mickey Gall made short work of his UFC career. Gall charged in right from the start, tackling CM Punk to the ground where he viciously assaulted him from above, eventually getting the rear naked choke for the submission at 2:14 in the first round – the exact round Mickey Gall predicted the fight would end.

Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne

Definitely the most interesting fight of the night, as Fabricio Werdum managed to break the finger of Travis Browne with a hard right hand in just the first round. The rest of the fight involved plenty of wild punches and kicks, and even a gnarly eye poke from Browne. While Werdum did win this fight, he decided to kick the leg of Browne’s coach after the match – leading to both fighters being booed off the octagon.


Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem used some weird tactics in this fight, constantly running away from Stipe Miocic and only throwing big punches and kicks that seem to come from out of nowhere. Eventually Overeem does hit Miocic hard with what seems to be an open palm – knocking him to the ground where Alistair instantly goes for the guillotine. Miocic slips out and the fight continues a little longer until Stipe knocks the weary Overeem to the ground and gets the KO at 4:27 in the first round.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 202

Marvin Vettori vs Alberto Uda

Marvin Vettori took the win over Alberto Uda in the first match of the night by using his superior ground game. Marvin went for the clinch on Alberto right from the beginning of the fight and shortly thereafter managed to get on top of Uda and started raining down punches from above. Not long after Vettori then proceeded to get Uda in a guillotine choke for the submission at 4:30 in the first round.


Colby Covington vs Max Griffin

Max Griffin sure did manage to take a beating this fight, as Colby Covington never seemed to let up his constant pressure of punches, kicks and takedowns. Griffin did his best to counter when he could, but he just couldn’t seem to keep up whenever the fight made its way to the ground. In the third round Max was beginning to tire out and didn’t last long after being taken down once again. The fight ended in a TKO at 2:18 in the third round.


Lorenz Larkin vs Neil Magny

Lorenz Larkin absolutely dominated this whole fight by throwing strong kicks at Neil Magny that left his left leg utterly useless towards the end of the fight. Magny tried to answer back by bring the fight down to the mat, but Larkin ended the fight at 4:08 in the first round by landing a few hard elbows to the back of Magny’s head.


Cortney Casey vs Randa Markos

Even though Cortney Casey was thrown pretty hard on her head by Randa Markos in the beginning of the fight, she still came back to get the armbar finish on Markos at 4:43 in the first round. This was an interesting fight to watch that literally could’ve gone either way.


Artem Lobov vs Chris Avila

This featherweight fight between Artem Lobov and Chris Avila may have made for a good story (training partners of Mcgregor and Diaz) but the fight itself was rather disappointing overall. Lobov won by unanimous decision because he at least landed a considerable amount of punches and kicks, although Avila did manage to land one mean head-butt.


Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips

This fight between Raquel Pennington and Elizabeth Phillips came down to who was better in the clinch and on the ground, as that’s where the majority of the fight took place. Pennington was evidently the superior fighter as she won the fight in unanimous decision (30-27 across the board).


Cody Garbrandt vs Takeya Mizugaki

Cody Garbrandt ended this fight against Takeya Mizugaki rather quickly, hitting him with a hard right punch that took him down, followed by a flurry of hammer fists and punches that ended the match in a TKO at 48 seconds in the first round.


Tim Means vs Sabah Homasi

Sabah Homasi started this fight off hard, getting a few well timed takedowns in the process. However, Tim Means answered back with some hard knees and elbows that cut Homasi up pretty bad – leaving his face bleeding profusely.  Means came back in the second round with more punches, knees and elbows –ending the fight in TKO at 2:56.


Mike Perry vs Hyun Gyu Lim

Mike Perry may have been at a disadvantage in this fight when you consider the long reach of Hyun Gyu Lim, but Perry still got some hard punches in – even taking Lim down to the ground with one. Perry then is able to get in the crucifix position, where he lands some considerably hard punches on Lim. When Hyun is finally able to get back up he is pretty tired and quickly gets knocked back down by Perry for the TKO victory at 3:38 in the first round.


Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story

Donald Cerrone and Rick Story start this welterweight fight off by trading takedowns, and then later trading kicks at the end of the round. During the second round Cerrone hits Story with a brutal knee to the side of the body, followed by a set of punches that knocks him to the ground and the fight is quickly called at 2:02 in the second round.


Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira

This fight between Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeira ended so quickly that if you blinked you might’ve missed it. Johnson hit Teixeira with a devastating right undercut which ended the fight at only 13 seconds in the first round.


Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor may have lost the first match with Nate Diaz, but he stood by his word and came back for a victory at UFC 202. McGregor hit Diaz with a few strong lefts that knocked him down throughout the fight, but Diaz being as tough as he is kept coming back for more. The fight was close but Conor won by majority decision.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 201

Damien Brown vs Cesar Arzamendia

It seems that Damien Brown was just a little too much for Cesar Arzamendia, as the constant right hooks to the face from Brown knocked out Arzamendia around half way in the first round.


Michael Graves vs Bojan Velickovic

Both Michael Graves and Bojan Velickovic entered this fight as undefeated, and both shall leave undefeated as well as the fight ended in a draw. Some say that Graves should have won this fight as he made a major comeback at the end, however, Velickovic had such a strong first half of the fight that it really could’ve went either way.


Wilson Reis vs Hector Sandoval

While this was originally supposed to be a title fight between Wilson Reis and Demetrious Johnson, Johnson was unable to attend due to an injury so Hector Sandoval had to take his place. Unfortunately, Hector seemed unprepared for this match and was forced to tap out from a rear naked choke at only 1:45 in the first round – this was the fastest submission in flyweight history at the UFC.


Anthony Hamilton vs Damian Grabowski

This may not have been the shortest fight in history, but it was definitely close. Anthony Hamilton made short work of Damian Grabowski by throwing huge punches right off the bat pushing Grabowski up against the cage. Not far after Grabowski fell to the ground and the fight was called for a KO at only 14 seconds into round 1.


Jorge Masvidal vs Ross Pearson

This fight may have been a sure win for the welterweight Jorge Masvidal, but Ross Pearson fought surprisingly hard and stuck it out for all 3 rounds. Jorge may have took the victory in unanimous decision, but you can’t deny that Pearson has heart.


Nikita Krylov vs Ed Herman

Nikita Krylov utterly destroyed Ed Herman with hard kicks to the head and the body all throughout the first round, while Herman struggled to even land a few punches. As the second round went underway Krylov made sure to go all out, hitting Herman with a flurry of kicks – which eventually knocked him out cold at only 40 seconds in the second round.


Ryan Benoit vs Fredy Serrano

For the first pay-per-view fight of the night, Fredy Serrano managed to surprise Ryan Benoit with some hard kicks – but it wasn’t enough to win him the fight. Benoit had a much more passive approach, only striking back when the opportunity presented itself. Ryan’s style of fighting won him the match in a split decision which we believe was a good call.


Erik Perez vs Fransico Rivera

Fransico Rivera may not have an impressive win history at the UFC, but don’t let that fool you – he’s definitely an opponent that’s not to be taken lightly. Rivera opened this fight delivering crushing blows to Erik Perez, however, Perez seemed to be ready for them and answered back with some well-timed takedowns. Perez won the fight by unanimous decision.


Jake Ellenberger vs Matt Brown

This was a back and forth brawl between Jake Ellenberger and Matt Brown that seemed as if it could go either way. However, Ellenberger landed a massive kick to the liver of Matt Brown that brought him to the ground, followed by a swarm of punches that ended the match in a TKO at only 1:46 in the first round.


Karolina Kowalkeiwicz vs Rose Namajunas

Karolina Kowalkeiwicz beat Rose Namajunas in the co-main event fight of the night by outclassing her in the clinch – hitting Rose with hard knees and elbows that slowly wore her down. Namajunas tried to keep Kowalkeiwicz at a distance, but it didn’t work out too well in her favor as she lost the fight in a split decision.


Tyler Woodley vs Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler might have been the predicted winner of this fight, but nobody must’ve told Tyler Woodley that as he destroyed Lawler by hitting him with a hard overhand right that dropped him to the ground. After Lawler fell down Woodley wasted no time and threw a few more hard punches before getting the KO at 2:12 in the first round. You can watch the highlights here.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 200

Jim Miller vs Takanori Gomi

The first fight of the night surely didn’t last long as Jim Miller took Takanori Gomi to the ground and managed to finish the match at only 2:18 in the first round.


Gegard Mousasi vs Thiago Santos

In the only Middleweight fight of the night, Gegard Mousasi made Thiago Santos look like an amateur fighter by destroying him on the ground and then hitting him with the hard uppercut for the TKO as he tried to get up. At least this fight almost made it to the second round.


Joe Lauzon vs Diego Sanchez

This was another fight that didn’t make it past the first round, or even past a minute and a half for that matter. Joe Lauzon came out going hard and hit Diego Sanchez with a left hook that brought him to the ground and then Lauzon went to work throwing punches left and right until the fight was called by the referee.


Sage Northcutt vs Enrique Marin

Even though Sage Northcutt was being destroyed on the ground game, he still managed to win this match in a unanimous decision thanks to a few well timed punches.


T.J. Dillashaw vs Raphael Assuncao

While T.J. Dillashaw may have lose to Raphael back in 2013, he definitely came well prepared for this match. Not only did Dillashaw take the victory, but he also won in unanimous decision. This must’ve been a sweet victory for the former bantamweight champion.


Kelvin Gastelum vs Johny Hendricks

Even though Johny Hendricks once again missed his weight class, it didn’t matter much anyways as Kevin Gastelum won the fight in a unanimous decision. This fight definitely went the distance as both fighters were completely drained at the end of the match.


Jilianna Pena vs Cat Zingano

The match between Jilianna Pena and Cat Zingano may have been extremely close, but Pena was still able to take the victory in a unanimous decision. During the first round it seemed as if Zingano had the match in the bag as she slammed Pena down to the ground, but Pena fought hard and almost came back with a rear naked choke KO as well.
Cain Valasquez vs Travis Browne

In the first heavyweight fight of the night, Cain Valasquez came in swinging hard and eventually hit Travis Browne with a kick to the side of the head, followed by a hard left hand that knocked him to the ground. Even though Browne found the strength to get back up, Valasquez knocked him back down and got the TKO with only 3 seconds left in the first round. Now that’s what you call a fight!


Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

In the beginning of the first round you would’ve believed that Frankie Edgar was going to take this fight, but Jose Aldo managed to eventually turn it around to win the featherweight title. This was a long fight that definitely pushed Edgar to his limits.


Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva

While Jon Jones was originally supposed to face Daniel Cormier in this match for the main event, he unfortunately failed a drug test and Anderson Silva had to step in to fight only 2 days before the match. And even though Silva gave Cormier a good fight, he still lost in a unanimous decision.


Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt

Lesnar came back from retirement once again, but this time to face Mark Hunt who’s known for his skills in kickboxing. This seemed to have been an easy fight for Lesnar as he was barely even scratched and managed to keep Hunt on the ground for most of the match.


Amanda Nunes vs Miesha Tate

This was more of a child’s fight for Amanda Nunes as she dominated the ring, throwing punchs left and right that couldn’t be stopped by Miesha Tate. Eventually Nunes took Tate to the ground where she got her in the rear naked choke and tapped her out in just mere seconds.

Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 199

Preliminary Card – UFC Fight Pass

Reyes vs Kim

In the Lightweight division, Dong Hyun Kim and Marco Polo Reyes got into a crazy fight that was sure to produce some headaches. The fight did however manage to go to Marco Reyes who seemed to get in a few more punches than his contender.


Kasey vs Mutapcic

The Middleweight fight was between the son-in-law of the great Muhammad Ali, Kevin Casey, and Elvis Mutapcic. Mutapcic didn’t manage to fare too well during the first two rounds, but did do much better in the third when Casey began to become sluggish. The fight was judged to be a split draw.


Silva vs Wilson

Both Luis Henrique da Silva and Jonathon Wilson went into this Light Heavyweight fight undefeated, but Silva did pull off the win in an upsetting victory.


Strickland vs Breese

The Welterweight match between Sean Strickland and Tom Breese was one of the slower fights of the night, but still one to watch nonetheless. Strickland did however take the victory in a split decision, although the fight could’ve gone either way.


Main Card

Poireir vs Green

Bobby Green definitely did his fair share of trash talking before the main Lightweight fight so Dustin Poirier made sure to knock him out before the end of the first round.


Henderson vs Lombard

Even though Henderson may be getting a bit old at 59, he definitely didn’t let his age stop him in this Middleweight match.  Dan Henderson, aka “Hendo” knocked out Hector Lombard in the middle of the second round with a devastating elbow to the side of the head.


Holloway vs Lamas

While Holloway was undoubtedly the winner of this featherweight fight, Lamas did manage to hold his own before losing in a unanimous decision.


Cruz vs Faber

The co-main event that was held between old rivals Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber for the bantamweight title was definitely not a fight to be missed. Faber brought everything he had for this 5 round fight but it seems that Cruz was ready for it, winning unanimously in what is possibly the last match between the two.

Bisping vs Rockhold

Due to Christ Weidman getting a neck injury, Michael Bisping was offered to take his place 17 days before the fight to compete against Luke Rockhold for the Middleweight title. Bisping made sure to take this opportunity seriously and knocked out Rockhold in the first round with a deadly combination of punches.

Title Fights

Main Title Fight Results of UFC 198

Miocic vs Werdum

Stipe Miocic came to Brazil for UFC 198 and knocked out Fabricio Werdum in the very first round for an upsetting victory against the crowd favorite. Werdum’s strategy of rushing into the fight seemed to play out in Miocic’s favor which led to his victory on the mat.

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Souza vs Belfort

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza managed to get Victor Belfort down on the ground and get in a few good punches before Belfort eventually gets away. After about 20 sseconds Souza gets back on top of Belfort and ends the match within no time at all.


Justino vs Smith

In her first UFC match Cristian “Cyborg” Justino absolutely destroyed Leslie Smith with an assault of punches to end the match in only 1 minute and 21 seconds. Smith wasn’t too happy that the fight was called early but we believe the referee did the right thing.


Rua vs Anderson

The match between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Corey Anderson was insanely close but Rua did manage to claim victory in a split decision. The main reason that Rua won this fight came down to the last few seconds of the first two rounds where Rua almost knocked out Anderson both times but he was saved by the bell.


Barberena vs Alves

This fight didn’t go quite the way that Warlley Alves or the Brazilian crowd wanted it too as the American Bryan Barberena managed to win in a unanimous decision. He won the fight by simply keeping his calm and letting Alves tire himself out over the few rounds. The fight was really close but did seem to favor Barberna as it got towards the end of the fight.