Benefits of Training With a Rebounder for MMA Fighters

If you’re an avid lover of the sport of MMA, then you know all too well that injuries are prone to happen. You can easily kick someone the wrong way or roll your ankle while training and cause yourself to be injured for quite some time.

In order to avoid unnecessary injury we recommend that you train with a rebounder sometimes to alleviate some of the beating that your joints take day in and day out. Not only will your body feel better by training with a rebounder, but you’ll also receive a plethora of other benefits that will help you further your skills in MMA. We’ve compiled a list below of the best benefits an MMA athlete can receive by training with a rebounder.


Great for your joints

So why is jumping on a rebounder so great for your joints? Well, when performing activities such as running or jogging on a hard surface, you’re causing a lot of pressure to constantly be put onto your knees and other joints. Over time, this can lead to serious problems if you exercise on a continuous basis as MMA fighters do.

We found the best solution for this problem is to jump on a rebounder whenever it makes sense with your current training methods. You can easily perform exercises on a rebounder such as running in place, burpees and other high-intensity workouts.

If you manage to hurt your knees or have a weird pain in one of your joints or tendons, then a mini trampoline will surely benefit you greatly. We recommend you read reviews from a site such as this one to find the best rebounder to fit your needs.


Detoxifies the body

Jumping on a rebounder is one of the best ways to naturally detoxify your body – without the aid of food or supplements. The reason that jumping on a trampoline is so effective is due to the constant opening and closing of the lymphatic valves that occur while jumping up and down.

When the lymphatic valves open a clear fluid known as lymph is transported throughout your body. Even though your regular training will also aid the process of moving lymph throughout your body, it can’t help to rely on a rebounder to get the most amount of lymph flow possible. Doing so will greatly help to improve your immune system, as well as eliminate any unnecessary toxins in your body.

Since being sick is one of the worst things that can happen to an MMA fighter, you can begin to see why training with a rebounder is so helpful.


Increase your energy

When your lymphatic system is working correctly, your body should be eliminating as much toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc. as humanly possible. Not having all this unnecessary “garbage” in your body will definitely help to increase your energy levels throughout the day.

In MMA you can always use more energy, so if jumping on a trampoline increases your energy even the slightest bit, then it’s definitely worth it to a serious fighters.


Makes your bones stronger

Having week or brittle bones in martial arts is one of the quickest ways to lead to a serious injury. All it takes is kicking someone the wrong way or getting hit just right to have a bone in your leg snap, splint or fracture.

By jumping on a rebounder your bones will take on a comfortable level of stress that will force them to slowly build up their density over time. In fact, the act of jumping on a rebounder is what scientists over at NASA have determined to be the best way to build the bone density of astronauts returning from space. So if it works for astronauts, I’m sure it will work for you too.


Improved balance and coordination

While jumping on a trampoline your body is having to constantly respond to changes in gravity, as well as be aware of the unstable surface you’re jumping on. Doing so forces you to improve your balance and coordination, which is merely the result of concentrating on multiple motor skills at once.

When fighting you definitely don’t want to find yourself off balance, making this benefit one of the best for those that are clumsy.

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