Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 201

Damien Brown vs Cesar Arzamendia

It seems that Damien Brown was just a little too much for Cesar Arzamendia, as the constant right hooks to the face from Brown knocked out Arzamendia around half way in the first round.


Michael Graves vs Bojan Velickovic

Both Michael Graves and Bojan Velickovic entered this fight as undefeated, and both shall leave undefeated as well as the fight ended in a draw. Some say that Graves should have won this fight as he made a major comeback at the end, however, Velickovic had such a strong first half of the fight that it really could’ve went either way.


Wilson Reis vs Hector Sandoval

While this was originally supposed to be a title fight between Wilson Reis and Demetrious Johnson, Johnson was unable to attend due to an injury so Hector Sandoval had to take his place. Unfortunately, Hector seemed unprepared for this match and was forced to tap out from a rear naked choke at only 1:45 in the first round – this was the fastest submission in flyweight history at the UFC.


Anthony Hamilton vs Damian Grabowski

This may not have been the shortest fight in history, but it was definitely close. Anthony Hamilton made short work of Damian Grabowski by throwing huge punches right off the bat pushing Grabowski up against the cage. Not far after Grabowski fell to the ground and the fight was called for a KO at only 14 seconds into round 1.


Jorge Masvidal vs Ross Pearson

This fight may have been a sure win for the welterweight Jorge Masvidal, but Ross Pearson fought surprisingly hard and stuck it out for all 3 rounds. Jorge may have took the victory in unanimous decision, but you can’t deny that Pearson has heart.


Nikita Krylov vs Ed Herman

Nikita Krylov utterly destroyed Ed Herman with hard kicks to the head and the body all throughout the first round, while Herman struggled to even land a few punches. As the second round went underway Krylov made sure to go all out, hitting Herman with a flurry of kicks – which eventually knocked him out cold at only 40 seconds in the second round.


Ryan Benoit vs Fredy Serrano

For the first pay-per-view fight of the night, Fredy Serrano managed to surprise Ryan Benoit with some hard kicks – but it wasn’t enough to win him the fight. Benoit had a much more passive approach, only striking back when the opportunity presented itself. Ryan’s style of fighting won him the match in a split decision which we believe was a good call.


Erik Perez vs Fransico Rivera

Fransico Rivera may not have an impressive win history at the UFC, but don’t let that fool you – he’s definitely an opponent that’s not to be taken lightly. Rivera opened this fight delivering crushing blows to Erik Perez, however, Perez seemed to be ready for them and answered back with some well-timed takedowns. Perez won the fight by unanimous decision.


Jake Ellenberger vs Matt Brown

This was a back and forth brawl between Jake Ellenberger and Matt Brown that seemed as if it could go either way. However, Ellenberger landed a massive kick to the liver of Matt Brown that brought him to the ground, followed by a swarm of punches that ended the match in a TKO at only 1:46 in the first round.


Karolina Kowalkeiwicz vs Rose Namajunas

Karolina Kowalkeiwicz beat Rose Namajunas in the co-main event fight of the night by outclassing her in the clinch – hitting Rose with hard knees and elbows that slowly wore her down. Namajunas tried to keep Kowalkeiwicz at a distance, but it didn’t work out too well in her favor as she lost the fight in a split decision.


Tyler Woodley vs Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler might have been the predicted winner of this fight, but nobody must’ve told Tyler Woodley that as he destroyed Lawler by hitting him with a hard overhand right that dropped him to the ground. After Lawler fell down Woodley wasted no time and threw a few more hard punches before getting the KO at 2:12 in the first round. You can watch the highlights here.

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