Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 203

Yancy Medeiros vs Sean Spencer

While this match may have started out slow, it sure picked up pace in the second round when Yancy Medeiros hit Sean Spencer with a left high kick. Medeiros then went in for the rear naked choke to get the submission at only 49 seconds in the second round.


Drew Dober vs Jason Gonzalez

This may have seemed to have been a somewhat long match, but that’s only because Jason Gonzalez got kicked in the goods by Drew Dober – resulting in a minute break during the match. When the match started again Gonzalez came out swinging hard, but was quickly hit by a flurry of punches that knocked him out at 1:45 in the first round.


Nik Lentz vs Michael McBride

Even though Nik Lentz may have been the more dominant foe in this fight, Michael McBride sure fought hard – even scoring some takedowns in the second round. Unfortunately, Lentz managed to gain control while on the ground and dropped massive blows onto McBride from above. The fight was called for a TKO at 4:17 during the second round.


Brad Tavares vs Caio Magalhaes

This was a close match between Brad Tavares and Caio Magalhaes, as both fighters pretty much went back and forth the whole night. Tavares mostly relied on his boxing, landing a few hard punches here and there, while Magalhaes threw more kicks and brought the fight to the ground for a guillotine choke. Brad Tavares was however declared the winner in a split decision victory.


Bethe Correia vs Jessica Eye

There’s no doubting that Jessica Eye put up a more entertaining fight, but Bethe Correia still took the split decision victory thanks to her calculated blows and defensive tactics. However, the Cleveland crowd wasn’t too happy about this call and booed her as she attempted to celebrate her victory.


Jessica Andrade vs Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood may have got a good elbow in at the beginning of the fight (which left Jessica Andrade bleeding above her eye and nose) but the strength of Andrade proved to be too much as she absolutely dominated the ground game – slamming Calderwood multiple times on her back and eventually getting the guillotine choke for the submission at 4:38 in the first round.


Jimmie Rivera vs Urijah Faber

While Urijah Faber is undoubtedly a legend in the octagon, it seems that he is no longer what he once was – losing this fight to Jimmie Rivera by unanimous decision. During the first round Faber didn’t actually do too badly, but after his leg was destroyed by that low leg kick from Rivera in the second round, the fight quickly went downhill from there.


Mickey Gall vs CM Punk

Like most WWE superstars, CM Punk’s time in the octagon didn’t last long as Mickey Gall made short work of his UFC career. Gall charged in right from the start, tackling CM Punk to the ground where he viciously assaulted him from above, eventually getting the rear naked choke for the submission at 2:14 in the first round – the exact round Mickey Gall predicted the fight would end.

Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne

Definitely the most interesting fight of the night, as Fabricio Werdum managed to break the finger of Travis Browne with a hard right hand in just the first round. The rest of the fight involved plenty of wild punches and kicks, and even a gnarly eye poke from Browne. While Werdum did win this fight, he decided to kick the leg of Browne’s coach after the match – leading to both fighters being booed off the octagon.


Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem used some weird tactics in this fight, constantly running away from Stipe Miocic and only throwing big punches and kicks that seem to come from out of nowhere. Eventually Overeem does hit Miocic hard with what seems to be an open palm – knocking him to the ground where Alistair instantly goes for the guillotine. Miocic slips out and the fight continues a little longer until Stipe knocks the weary Overeem to the ground and gets the KO at 4:27 in the first round.

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