Title Fights

Main and Preliminary Fight Results of UFC 199

Preliminary Card – UFC Fight Pass

Reyes vs Kim

In the Lightweight division, Dong Hyun Kim and Marco Polo Reyes got into a crazy fight that was sure to produce some headaches. The fight did however manage to go to Marco Reyes who seemed to get in a few more punches than his contender.


Kasey vs Mutapcic

The Middleweight fight was between the son-in-law of the great Muhammad Ali, Kevin Casey, and Elvis Mutapcic. Mutapcic didn’t manage to fare too well during the first two rounds, but did do much better in the third when Casey began to become sluggish. The fight was judged to be a split draw.


Silva vs Wilson

Both Luis Henrique da Silva and Jonathon Wilson went into this Light Heavyweight fight undefeated, but Silva did pull off the win in an upsetting victory.


Strickland vs Breese

The Welterweight match between Sean Strickland and Tom Breese was one of the slower fights of the night, but still one to watch nonetheless. Strickland did however take the victory in a split decision, although the fight could’ve gone either way.


Main Card

Poireir vs Green

Bobby Green definitely did his fair share of trash talking before the main Lightweight fight so Dustin Poirier made sure to knock him out before the end of the first round.


Henderson vs Lombard

Even though Henderson may be getting a bit old at 59, he definitely didn’t let his age stop him in this Middleweight match.  Dan Henderson, aka “Hendo” knocked out Hector Lombard in the middle of the second round with a devastating elbow to the side of the head.


Holloway vs Lamas

While Holloway was undoubtedly the winner of this featherweight fight, Lamas did manage to hold his own before losing in a unanimous decision.


Cruz vs Faber

The co-main event that was held between old rivals Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber for the bantamweight title was definitely not a fight to be missed. Faber brought everything he had for this 5 round fight but it seems that Cruz was ready for it, winning unanimously in what is possibly the last match between the two.

Bisping vs Rockhold

Due to Christ Weidman getting a neck injury, Michael Bisping was offered to take his place 17 days before the fight to compete against Luke Rockhold for the Middleweight title. Bisping made sure to take this opportunity seriously and knocked out Rockhold in the first round with a deadly combination of punches.

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